Expansion of Gambling and Alcohol

Dillons, Quick Trip and the Big Box companies have their high paid lobbyist swarming the capitol to increase their profits. It’s GREED, Every year we have fought off their efforts to expand hard liquor outlets in Kansas. They want all grocery and convenience stores to handle strong drink. This puts our teens at risk. This would take Kansas from 760 outlets to over 2500. We don’t need one more life lost to drunk driving in Kansas. SAY NO TO HB2282

In addition Multi Billionaires have targeted Kansas to expand gambling by putting thousands of slot machines plus dog and horse racing near Wichita and Southeast Kansas. SAY NO TO HB2173

The angel Gabrielle said to Daniel, “ I have come in response to your words.” O Lord Hear, O Lord Forgive, O Lord listen and act.”

PRAY and ACT – Call your senator and representative TODAY! Click this link to Find Your Legislator!