Evolution vs. God

Many of us spent our lifetime training and discipling our kids. Then they go off to college and get into an academic setting with professors of biology, anthropology, geology, ecology and physics. Many of of their professors are atheist and our kids are being convinced that their professors and the textbooks are true.

We’ve all been concerned about our college aged kids turning away from the Lord. Statistics show us that even solid Christian and Catholic kids who have been raised with the word, somehow get off track at least for awhile and some leave permanently.

This weekend I was introduced to a new movie, Evolution vs. God. Ray Comfort produced a new video with a dynamic impact like the 180 video he did on abortion, but this time it’s “Evolution vs. God, Shaking the Foundations of Faith.”

The video contains expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists at some of the world’s top universities. This movie needs to be in the hands of every family, every church, and definitely every youth pastor.

This is a powerful, fascinating, and superbly done video!

To order this video go to:  www.evolutionvsGod.com/bulk

2 responses on “Evolution vs. God

  1. Delbra Pratt

    Excellent video and amazing to watch/hear the theory of evolution unravel. Thank you for posting!