Do you want to know the TRUTH?

Kansas Flag

It seems all eyes are on Kansas.  God is counting on us, as believers to pull the lever for Him on November 4th. Voting Biblical Values has always been our job.

That is why Culture Shield has teamed up with David Barton, and the Black Robed Regiment.  Our job is: To offer “Information Guides” to churches and believers who want to know the truth about the candidates for the races in November.  These guides will have documented positions of the candidates with footnotes to back up every statement or vote. In today’s world…TRUTH MATTERS.

Unfortunately, much of the media is slanted and I know as Christians we think who can you trust? These guides will be arriving into Kansas in the next few days.  Please go to or to the link below to order yours.  They will be delivered to strategic locations around the state and will be available for pick up at a location near you.  Don’t miss out on this resource to make your informed decision. Let us know how many you will need…keep in mind, that once you see these you’ll want several for your friends, family and neighborhood.