“District Approved Curriculum?”

This week many of you attended a school board meeting in Shawnee Mission.  You were there to support the father, Mark Ellis, whose daughter took a picture of a poster during her sex ed class that was extremely inappropriate.  This father has made national news as he has raised objection to the curriculum.

If you remember the principal defended the”district approved curriculum.”  Well it might be district approved, but not what we want for our children.

Thank you for attending, but the school board pulled one of their “stall” tactics, and tabled the discussion.  This is a plan to say, “These Christians and concerned parents will not stay interested.  They will soon forget about this and go away.”

Well, not on our watch.  Many of you attended who came to the Awakening Freedom Tour we had in K.C. with Neil Mammen and Gov. Brownback.  You heard the call, bought the book (40 Days Toward A More Godly Nation), started studies and are now engaged. 

Good for you!

Now, charge!!! Ignite! Fight back for our kids. 

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