Christmas Prayer

Father as we continue to pray this Christmas day, we thank you for your Son, and for the gift of freedom in America.  We thank you for the freedom in Kansas to speak forth the gospel.  We ask that you will continually show us that we must stand in the gap and pray and stand against anyone who would deny us to present the gospel or to display a nativity, the 10 commandments, or to pray.

Father, we pray for the nations that deny freedom of the gospel.  We pray that Pastor Saeed will be freed from prison in Iran. We pray that you would equip your people to be strong in our faith, to unite, and to represent You on this earth.
We pray that you would be glorified in our lives, and that the sacrifice of this precious baby’s birth that we celebrate today, would inspire us to sacrifice for the sake of the children that you have entrusted to us.
May we have a Christ centered celebration that focuses on you and your Son,
May each moment we have together reflect your love toward each other in our families. 
In Jesus we pray, Amen.