Jesus Is Involved In Politics

Has anyone ever told you, don’t get involved in politics as a Christian? Have you heard, “You can’t legislate morality?” What about, “It’s wrong to force your moral values on others?”or “Laws don’t change hearts.”

Well, I’m certainly glad these statements didn’t sway William Wilberforce’s decision to get involved.

Author and speaker Neil Mammen came into Kansas last week to help Kansans understand why all these statements are false.

Christians must get involved in politics.

It’s not enough just to preach the gospel. The gospel was preached for 400 years but slavery didn’t stop until Christians got involved. In fact, the involement of Christians in politics are responsible for ending slavery, infanticide, prostitution, child labor, selective gender abortions, animal cruelty and so on.

The Lord told us in Luke 19 to “occupy” until He comes back.

Please get the book “Jesus Is Involved In Politics.” by Neil Mammen.  Give it to your Pastor, your friend and neighbors.  Use this book to start a small group study in your neighborhood or church.

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