“A baby in the womb is not potential life, it’s life with potential”

The Kansas City Chiefs have a good start with 3 wins already this season.  But, football is not the only thing that the owners of the Chiefs are interested in.

I was in Kansas City at the Vitae Foundation banquet last week. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Lamar Hunt Jr. (a member of the founding family of the Kansas City Chiefs) call the crowd to prayer and action for the unborn.

He said, “A baby in the womb is not potential life, it’s life with potential.” The crowd rose to their feet in gratitude for benevolent people like him that invest to end abortion. Like the K.C. Chiefs, we’re winning the game, but we won’t be satisfied until it’s game over and person hood is restored to the unborn.

The Vitae Foundation gives voice to those who don’t have one, through the tools of today’s media. While expanding into a variety of web platforms, we have a rich history specializing in the production of televised media and purchasing airtime, in an effort to encourage a greater respect for human life, restore traditional values in our American culture, and reduce the number of abortions by using mass media education. Vitae is truly ‘bringing media to life.’

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