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A Living Nativity: Christ Is Born


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 4, 5, & 6th you can travel 3 miles east of Peabody, Kansas to see a live Biblical play that goes back to Genesis and takes you through Jesus birth and years here on earth. There are live animals and the actors do a magnificent job at re-telling His story.  I attended last year and can’t wait to take my grandchildren this year.   Go to for more information. 


There Is No Place Like Home . . .


Hope for the Holidays website

Body of Christ…this is a call to action in KANSAS.

Did you know that today, nearly 600 young people in Kansas ages 18-26 have aged-out of the foster system and have no place to call home for the holidays? Every young Kansan deserves a bright Christmas season.

This is what we are looking for: We need 600 believers in Kansas to agree to give a gift from the Lord to them for Christmas.  This can be a family project by getting your children involved in earning money, life groups, cell groups, Sunday School and bible study can do this for a missions projects. To participate in “holiday adoptions” by giving gifts for our Kansas young people contact:

Please pray for this project and ask your church, Sunday School class, small group to go together and adopt as many as you can. Let’s do this Kansas!  All for Jesus…All for Jesus!

Show someone formerly in foster care that you care.

Suggestions & Questions Tracy Crocket Faith Community Initiatives 785-296-6846


Jesus is the LIGHT of the WORLD


The lights of this time of the year remind me that Jesus is the LIGHT of the WORLD.  In Him, there is no darkness at all. As we abide in Him, grow in intimacy with Him, we can’t let distractions diminish our time to sit at His feet.  He is available every day, every hour, every moment and Wise Men Still Seek Him….how wise are we American Christians?

Hebrews 11:6 says, . . .“He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

Learning to sit before the Lord diligently seeking Him reminds of Mary when God’s word says, “She pondered these things in her heart.” The shepherds had just confirmed what the angels said to her when she heard she would bear a child, and what the angel said to Joseph when he changed his mind about divorcing Mary.  They confirmed what Elizabeth had said to Mary when she went to her and Elizabeth’s baby jumped in her womb just by hugging Mary upon her arrival.

  During this week, take time to sit at His feet and just BE.


Culture Shield’s 2014 In Review

Donna is on Bott Radio everyday for a Kansas update. It runs twice a day, but always at 12:28 on Bott stations across Kansas. Dick and Rich Bott regularly interview Donna. Donna is also a regular contributor to the Pastors Radio Show each Sunday night “Answering the Call” with Terry Fox and Joe Wright. Culture Shield normally goes to the capitol at least once a week during the legislative session to communicate to believer’s prayer & action points. We organize prayer on the Hill where believers are in the capitol all day everyday praying over hearings, in the House and Senate.

January 14th – Day of Prayer at the Capitol – 8 hours of worship in the Old Supreme Court Room. We prayed over legislators and the Governor. We had a prayer walk and Donna did two workshops on launching prayer & fasting over Kansas.

February 3rd – Awakening Freedom Tour at Lenexa Baptist Church

  • Neil Mammen –Engineer, International Speaker, Apologist, and Author of 40 Days Toward a More Godly Nation.
  • Governor Sam Brownback – Governor Sam Brownback also traveled with us to encourage believers in the spiritual heritage of Kansas, and inspire us to leave a legacy for the next generation. Speaking on the Spiritual Heritage of Kansas and our destiny.
  • Donna Lippoldt- National Day of Prayer Coordinator for Kansas, National Governor Prayer Team Leader of Kansas and Founder of Culture Shield spoke on Family and our responsibility to disciple our children and teach them apologetics. It was a huge success as thousands across Kansas gathered.

March 24th – Awakening Freedom Tour in Jefferson City, Missouri

March 25-26th – Donna was invited to attend the United in Purpose Conference in Dallas with Glenn Beck, George Barna and David Barton

March 29th – Awakening Freedom Tour in Wichita

May 3rd – Awakening Freedom Tour in Topeka

July 7 – 7/14/14 Day of Prayer after II Chronicles 7:14 – Gathered at the capitol for 7 hours of prayer for our nation-Children drew prayers, believes from all over the state came to cry out to the Lord.

July 19th – Awakening Freedom Tour in Garden City

July 31st– November 4-Culture Shield was contacted by David Barton’s group Black Robe Regiment about getting voters guides into churches across Kansas. We held regional meetings going to Kansas City twice, Garden City, Manhattan, Topeka & Wichita. We did research into the voting records and documented positions of the candidates. 300,000 Election Stewardship Guides were distributed through churches in every county in Kansas. 50,000 were distributed in Spanish.

August 3rd – Awakening Freedom Tour in Pittsburg

September 13th – Awakening Freedom Tour in Manhattan

October 1-5 – National Day of Prayer Conf. in Hollywood, California

October 7 & 8 – Donna invited to meet with Marketplace leaders in Wichita & Emporia

November 6-8 – National Governors Prayer Team Conference in Florida

Culture Shield sends out Constant Contact regularly to inform>connect>mobilize the Body of Christ to be the moral conscience of our culture.

December 13th – Carols at the Capitol – Topeka Over 80 believers attended a great time of prayer & worship!

A Season Of Miracles

John 8:12 (NIV)- When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life

Keeping Christ as the focal point during the Christmas Season and reminding myself that He is the light of the world the light reminds me of Hanukkah.  Hanukkah, which is celebrated this week is also called the Festival of Lights.  In between the time of the old testament and new testament the Temple was defiled and overtaken.  The Maccabees were strong people of God who refused to stop fighting for Israel. They reclaimed the temple and then it needed to be made ceremonially clean.  They needed to use consecrated oil however, there was only enough for 1 day…and yet it burned for eight days, which is the length of time needed to cleanse the temple.

During this season we are reminded to cleanse our life, to invite the Father of Lights Jesus into our lives.  God is the light of the world and in Him there is no darkness.  God did miracles then…He still can…and does.  Jesus can bring light and truth to anyone who will remember to trust Him.

For more info on Hanukkah


Carols At The Capitol

On Saturday Carols at the Capitol took place in many capitols across our nation.  As we entered the capitol here in Kansas on Saturday, we prayed that the Lord would be glorified in our praises.  The brass ensemble began as a call to worship. It rang throughout the beautiful Rotunda graced by a gorgeous Christmas Tree.  Slowly people began to gather, and other visitors looked on as our gathering began.  Children, wonderful beautiful children came with their parents, we prayed and we worshipped through the wonderful Christmas Carols. The one that stands out to me is,

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day.” As we sang the verse, “and in despair, I bowed my head: There is no peace on earth, I said, for hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth good will toward men.” But …”Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: “God is not dead, nor doth he sleep,the wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth good will to men.  What a declaration!

Living Nativity in Peabody, KS

We invite you to join us as Palmyra Baptist Church and Wildcat Creek Ranch present ​.
A Living Nativity: Christ is Born. ​
The purpose of this ministry is to glorify God by bringing to life the scriptural account of the birth of Christ and the reason for which He came, so that those who do not know Him as a personal Savior may listen to and embrace the plan of salvation.
From Wichita take I-135N to Newton, then head east on HWY 50. The ranch is 3 miles east of Peabody, KS.

Come see the greatest story ever told unfold before your eyes.

A cast of nearly 75 people, live animals, narration, action and music. New tours will begin every 15 minutes and will take about 1 hour to complete. During this guided, walking performance you will witness the events that led up to and followed the first Christmas.

Please dress appropriately for the weather as this performance will take place mostly outdoors and the tour will cover uneven terrain. Parents of small children are encouraged to bring your own jogging stroller. After parking you will board a tram that will take you to and from the performance.  Golf carts will be available for the disabled. Please arrive early as tours will leave on schedule.

For Tickets go to:!contact/c1gs0  or

Christmas Prayer

Father as we continue to pray this Christmas day, we thank you for your Son, and for the gift of freedom in America.  We thank you for the freedom in Kansas to speak forth the gospel.  We ask that you will continually show us that we must stand in the gap and pray and stand against anyone who would deny us to present the gospel or to display a nativity, the 10 commandments, or to pray.

Father, we pray for the nations that deny freedom of the gospel.  We pray that Pastor Saeed will be freed from prison in Iran. We pray that you would equip your people to be strong in our faith, to unite, and to represent You on this earth.
We pray that you would be glorified in our lives, and that the sacrifice of this precious baby’s birth that we celebrate today, would inspire us to sacrifice for the sake of the children that you have entrusted to us.
May we have a Christ centered celebration that focuses on you and your Son,
May each moment we have together reflect your love toward each other in our families. 
In Jesus we pray, Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

On this Christmas Eve, I would like to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for our Father’s graciousness.

Father in Heaven, we humbly bow before you and are amazed at your great love.  As we enter the throne room, and join with the angels crying Holy, Holy, Holy, we look at your great sacrifice, and our great joy.  The gift of your Son.
Father, would you allow us to model our life after His?  Would you give us the grace to see the simplicity of the life Jesus led here on earth?   Would you help us to simplify our lives, and see what you said to Him before He came to earth?  In Psalm 2:7, You said, Son, if you ask of Me, I will give the nations to your for your inheritance.” 
 Why do we want freedom so badly?  Because without it the gospel cannot go forth.  Help us to focus this day, on your gift to us.  Help us to be a gift to you.

The Real Reason We Celebrate!

Preparing for Christmas comes in many forms… there is cooking, cleaning, shopping, figuring out what to get Grandma, and all these children.  How is your spiritual preparation coming?

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail that got my attention.  It was a link to a youtube video.  I watched it and I became exhilarated, focused and enthused.  It  Jesus being born of a virgin and focused on just why He came and went to the cross.

I’d really like for you to watch it.  It’s David Phelps singing a song that will inspire you to keep the main thing the main thing this week.  No matter what is on your schedule, this song and it’s lyrics will play in your mind, just by giving around 5 minutes.

After you listen, please listen again, and re-prioritize your day, and even your week.  Search for who you can share Christ with.

He is the reason we live.  He is the reason we celebrate!