Statewide Tour With Neil Mammen Coming Soon!

We have some exciting events coming up in 2014 that we will want you to follow on our website.  In September, we brought David Barton & Neil Mammen  (author of 40 Days Toward a more Godly Nation) to Topeka for the Captiol Briefing.

Neil will be coming back to Kansas to encourage us to get involved in our culture.  I met Neil over 3 years ago and was so impressed with his teaching of apologetics and knowledge of our national situation, I thought, wow, I would love to bring him to Kansas and have him travel the state with me.

Well, in 2014 that is what is going to happen.  The announcement will be coming soon, so look for us on the web when we announce our schedule and look for us to  come to a city near you.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity and in the meantime, you would really do well to get his book and start his 6 week study in your community.  Make sure to sign up for CutureShield emails to stay up to date!