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The Moral OutCry

It’s time for the Supreme Court to REVERSE ROE V. WADE. Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe V. Wade tried to have them do it as she was forced to lie. It’s not a law it was a horrific decision by 5 black-robed judges.
When I was in D.C. on Oct. 6th for Awaken the Dawn 57,000 signatures were delivered to the Supreme Court. Now we want millions to sign this petition.



Lord, we call their spirit’s and our spirit’s to attention.

Invite God’s transforming presence into the schools!

Praying the Book of Proverbs to seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Praying Psalm 91 for protection for all students and faculty. Station His angels all around.

Pray that the children will be kind to one another. Pray the fruit of the Spirit rule in the school classrooms. Declare peace, joy, love, kindness, goodness, patience, self-control be manifest daily.

Pray about overcoming hopelessness. Declare that all thoughts of depression and despair are broken off. (Jer. 29:11)

Blessing the children!

Reading God’s Word in front of their schools!

Proverbs & Psalm 91 

“Until I come give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and reading.” 1 Timothy 4:13 

“The Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 

School is about to begin: Therefore, consider going to the schools nearest you or your church or where your children and Grandchildren attend and read the book of Proverbs and Psalm 91.  By releasing God’s Word we are calling forth wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and protection for our schools, the students, and their teachers.

You are a blessing, Donna Lippoldt – 316-516-0777 –

Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood

31 Republicans and 11 Senators Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood:

Please Hold Them Accountable!

Judd Jenkins  Ark City 785-296-7671
Eplee  Atchison 785-296-8621
Aurand  Belleville 785-296-7637
Hineman  Dighton 785-296-7662
Ralph  Dodge 785-296-7501
Rooker  Fairway 785-296-7686
Orr  Fowler 785-296-7392
Kelly  Independence 785-296-6014
Thompson  Iola 785-296-7451
Mastroni  Lacross 785-296-7396
Jennings  Lakin 785-296-7447
Sloan  Lawrence 785-296-7632
Koesten  Leawood 296-785-7646
Gallagher  Lenexa 785-296-7482
Francis  Liberal 785-296-7466
Phillips  Manhattan 785-296-7401
Ellis  Meridan 785-296-5623
Proehl  Parsons 785-296-7639
Hibbard  Toronto 785-296-7380
Concannon Beloit 785-296-7644
Waymaster Bunker Hill 785-296-7672
Swanson Clay Center 785-296-7642
Baker Council Grove 785-296-6997
Wheeler Garden City 785-296-7461
Clayton Overland Park 785-296-7548
Kessinger Overland Park 785-296-7436
Markley Overland Park 785-296-7695
Dierks Salina 785-296-7642
Lewis St John 785-296-7682
Alford Ulysses 785-296-7641
Smith A. Weskan 785-296-0715


Givens El Dorado 785-296-7678
Doll Garden City 785-296-7694
Berger Hutchinson 785-296-6981
Sykes Lenexa 785-296-7367
Bollier Mission Hills 785-296-7390
Skubal Overland Park 785-296-7301
Goddard Parsons 785-296-7742
Hardy Salina 785-296-7369
McGinn Sedgwick 785-296-7377
Taylor Stafford 785-296-7667
V. Schmidt Topeka 785-296-7374

Kansas Communities That Care Survey

Parent ALERT !!!

Kansas Communities That Care Survey
Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services is the Agency promoting this!
Please read the attached survey and ask yourself if you want your 6th-grade child or grandchild to take it.  A lobbyist and Rep. Sue Boldra have introduced a bill, HB 2099, asking the Education Committee to weaken the data privacy law to allow this survey to continue and to be able to give more surveys on very private and personal matters.
The committee hearing is scheduled Friday, February 13 at 1:30, Room 112 N.  Written testimonies need to be in pdf format and sent to, who is the House Education Committee Assistant.
Please request that legislation is passed to strengthen the data privacy law, SB 367, at K.S.A. 72-6215 – 72-6223, of the last session and oppose HB 2099.  Please request that parents must opt-in their children to any surveys and data collected and that they are shown copies of the data to be collected.
Currently, data is being collected under common core and by KIDS, Kansas Individual Data on Students, in addition to non-curricular surveys being administered by schools and numerous other agencies.  Much of this data is behavioral and judgments are being made about children.  Seaman School District is in the news for wanting to drug test students.  Where will the “sampling” on students end?  Parents have a right and responsibility to know about the files being collected on their children.

NBRR : National Black Robe Regiment

The vision for the modern National Black Robe Regiment is, equipping, empowering and engaging pastors for spiritual and cultural transformation. The National Black Robe Regiment is a network of national and local pastors and pastor groups that equips and empowers pastors to engage in their Biblical and historical role to stand boldly for righteousness and transform society through spiritual and cultural engagement.

Click here to print the form to fill out so that you can receive the Election Stewardship Guide.

Click here to fill in a web form for the Election Stewardship Guide.

How to do Registration in Your Church (PDF) Hyperlinks in this pdf will not work until you download/save the pdf to your pc/laptop/device/mac, and open it on your device.  The following links are the same links from this pdf.

(Application for Advance Ballot by Mail) click here

(Kansas Voter Registration Instructions) click here

Download these PDF’s to your computer for viewing or printing, now or at later date.

The mission statement of Culture Shield Network is to inform>connect>mobilize the Body of Christ to be the moral conscience of our culture.

The Lord has 3 institutions: Church, Family & Government

FACT: 75% of Christians don’t vote!

The Black Robe Regiment, founded by David Barton, has requested that Culture Shield Network leads in engaging Kansas’ churches to do voter registration and pass out Election Stewardship Guides in their churches. This is not an endorsement of any candidate!

Why is this needed? – Many Christian voters feel they are uninformed or underinformed. It’s time we address this so that we can increase the percentage of Christians that vote.

What is an Election Stewardship Guide? It will contain either public statements or show the voting record of the candidates on Issues facing our culture.

Objective: It’s necessary to increase the percentage of Christians who vote. To reach as many churches as possible with these goals to do voter registration and hand out the Election Stewardship Guides.

Expansion of Gambling and Alcohol

Dillons, Quick Trip and the Big Box companies have their high paid lobbyist swarming the capitol to increase their profits. It’s GREED, Every year we have fought off their efforts to expand hard liquor outlets in Kansas. They want all grocery and convenience stores to handle strong drink. This puts our teens at risk. This would take Kansas from 760 outlets to over 2500. We don’t need one more life lost to drunk driving in Kansas. SAY NO TO HB2282

In addition Multi Billionaires have targeted Kansas to expand gambling by putting thousands of slot machines plus dog and horse racing near Wichita and Southeast Kansas. SAY NO TO HB2173

The angel Gabrielle said to Daniel, “ I have come in response to your words.” O Lord Hear, O Lord Forgive, O Lord listen and act.”

PRAY and ACT – Call your senator and representative TODAY! Click this link to Find Your Legislator!

Pray for Every Home

Donna’s Testimony about Pray for Every Home:
I received an e-mail from a friend who shared the video. I was immediately excited and praised the Lord for the technology to implement such a plan. This is truly a strategy that can release the power of God into our very own neighborhood. Praying by name empowers us in a personal way.
What happens: After signing up, I received an e-mail welcoming me to the site. They sent me an e-mail with my first 5 names and addresses. I walked down the street and located the homes and began to ask the Lord to bring the light of Christ into their home. I ask the Lord what He would have me pray for that home. Since we serve a MIGHTY GOD, He’s willing to give us insight.
Upon returning home, I receive an e-mail labeled “info.” I click on that link and it tells them that I have finished praying for those neighbors. Up pops a map and those houses turn green instead of red. I can map my progress. You’ll find, as you go through the neighborhood you’ll continue to pray as you pass the homes you’ve
already prayed for. Each day, you’ll receive the next 5 names, and in 20 days, you’ll have prayed for your 100 closest neighbors.
At the end of those 20 days, you’ll simply start again. I believe the Lord will open doors for a more personal touch. Perhaps they’ll be outside and you can tell them you are prayer walking through the neighborhood and ask if there is anything they need prayer for. He might even have you knock on their door.
During inclement weather, you can simply hop in your car and drive if necessary. The point is we are taking ground for the Lord Jesus Christ, changing hearts one neighbor at a time. The GLORY GOES TO THE LORD, and HE WILL WORK!

Enter the Paul Wilbur Contest : A chance to win 5 tickets to the Paul Wilbur Event

Please fill in the form below.  You may enter if you are 18 years of age or older and if you live in the state of Kansas.  You must be available at the time of notification at the phone number you filled in on your entry, and answer if we call.

Paul Wilbur Event Tickets Sweepstakes

Fields marked with a * are required.

Win 5 tickets to the Paul Wilbur Event Sweepstakes.  Sign up now to win.  Winner will be notified on January 30, 2016 by phone between 9 AM (CT) and 10 AM (CT).*  A person must be a Kansas Resident to enter and must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Winner must be able to answer the phone at the designated time in order to win.

The following link contains the official rules.

Agenda 21

Sedgwick County passed “Sustainable Development” and “Agenda 21” recently.  They accepted 1.5 million grant in exchange for our freedoms.  What is this? In reality these two terms refer to a political agenda, rather than an objectively sustainable form of development. Specifically, it refers to an initiative of the United Nations called Sustainable Development Agenda 21. It is a comprehensive statement of a political ideology that is being progressively infused into every level of government in America.

Known around the world simply as Agenda 21, this initiative is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally, and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Agenda 21 was unveiled in 1992 during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. You might recognize some other names that are used instead of these…”comprehensive planning, “ growth management,” or “smart growth.” It will affect every area of life. Grants are acquired and words such as “visioning,” make it sound innocuous. Please look at the resource page and research for yourself and see where your county or state is participating.

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