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Please Call Your Legislator Today About The Following Bills


There is a lot to pray about in our nation and in the state of Kansas.

The legislature is busy making important decisions and they need our prayers and our phone calls.  Two bills that need your support are:

SB 175 – Student Religious Freedom Bill – VOTE YES to Make sure student leaders are moral believers!

Read more about this bill here:

HB 2292 Will Stop Common Core – VOTE YES to save our children from the U.N. curriculum!

Ask your legislator to support the bills above! VOTE YES

Ask your legislator to VOTE NO on the following bills!

HB 2537 & SB 192 – Stop Expansion of Gambling – VOTE NO!

HB 2718 – Expansion of Wine & Hard beer in Grocery & Convenience Stores – VOTE NO!

The gambling lobbyist want to bypass the committee and believe they have the votes to expand gambling, bring slots to greyhound race tracks and start dog and horse racing in Kansas.

Believe me, just as with the expansion of hard liquor into grocery and convenience stores all you have to do is simply follow the money. Greed from gambling and greed from your local Dillons, HyVee and Quick Trip threaten to harm Kansas.

Please call your legislators today and let our voices be heard.

A Living Nativity: Christ Is Born


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 4, 5, & 6th you can travel 3 miles east of Peabody, Kansas to see a live Biblical play that goes back to Genesis and takes you through Jesus birth and years here on earth. There are live animals and the actors do a magnificent job at re-telling His story.  I attended last year and can’t wait to take my grandchildren this year.   Go to for more information. 




We are all busy making plans to gather with family, and prepare special recipes they all enjoy, but here is a quick reminder about a spiritual preparation. In the past, Governor Brownback has issued a statement encouraging all of us to spend some time reconciling relationships before gathering on Thanksgiving Day.  I mention this now so that we can actually spend some time in prayer seeking the Lord about our friends and family.  Careless words often cause strife and hurt feelings.  How we can become an encourager to those we love the most? We need to be intentional as we seek His wisdom.  What about that son or daughter who’s looking for a job…. how about affectionately boasting about their gifts and what blessings they have to offer. Taking time to look into the eyes of that 3 year old grandson and sitting on the floor to play with them when they get frustrated and cry.Are there people who need a phone call to clear the air over careless words? Thanksgiving….mostly we’re thankful for people…right???

Let’s tell them.

Royal Battle


It was exciting to watch these young men.  My husbands a coach so I know the lessons learned through sports…discipline, teamwork, precision, faithfulness, and persistence. However, I think this team just might have sent a spiritual message around the globe. Did you see Ben Zobrist in the last game get the double, land on base, raise both arms to heaven and visibly say, “Thank you, Lord,” as the world watched? Godly character was seen as these young men never gave up. 

The Lord says,

  • “Good things come to those who wait,”
  • “Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart, wait, on the Lord. “

On May 30th, at the Holy Convocation, the Majestic Royal Battle Horse was released over Kansas. God calls us His Royal Priesthood.  The Royal Battle Horse mocks at fear, and is not frightened, nor does he turn back from battle. Yes, let’s celebrate, but let us all learn these lessons to be press in, never give up HOPE!

The Gates of Hell web

There Is No Place Like Home . . .


Hope for the Holidays website

Body of Christ…this is a call to action in KANSAS.

Did you know that today, nearly 600 young people in Kansas ages 18-26 have aged-out of the foster system and have no place to call home for the holidays? Every young Kansan deserves a bright Christmas season.

This is what we are looking for: We need 600 believers in Kansas to agree to give a gift from the Lord to them for Christmas.  This can be a family project by getting your children involved in earning money, life groups, cell groups, Sunday School and bible study can do this for a missions projects. To participate in “holiday adoptions” by giving gifts for our Kansas young people contact:

Please pray for this project and ask your church, Sunday School class, small group to go together and adopt as many as you can. Let’s do this Kansas!  All for Jesus…All for Jesus!

Show someone formerly in foster care that you care.

Suggestions & Questions Tracy Crocket Faith Community Initiatives 785-296-6846


Prayer Gathering of Pastors in Wichita!

Last week there was a significant prayer gathering held in Wichita. I would even go so far as to call it a solemn assembly. It was a gathering of Pastors and ministry leaders from our local area.  A core group of men and women have been meeting for a few months praying for unity in our city.  I was awaiting the meeting and finally, the day came. I was driving downtown and as I turned south, I looked to the east and saw the most beautiful rainbow.  It wasn’t just a splash of color,  it was literally a full arch that reached to the heavens.  I thought, “thank you Lord.” I looked again, and there was a double rainbow. I then thought, “Lord, You are pleased with your people.” The first one to pray prayed that this night would be the beginning of ONE CHURCH IN WICHITA.  One Church…not many.  There were Chinese Pastors, Hispanic Pastors, & African America Pastors, along with Caucasian Pastors but the moment that was stunning was when the Arabic (Egyptian) Christians and Messianic Rabbi hugged and prayed together. Glory to God! We all gathered around. Yeshua, the Lord of Heaven and earth was truly pleased. This was only the beginning for our city.  I can’t wait to see what else God has in store through these prayer meetings.

Bless you all and thank you for praying for the cities you live in.

“Arise, For this matter is your responsibility. . .”


No matter our age, the Lord will use us if we will be intentional in prayer. Caleb was 85 years old when he asked Joshua for the mountain with the largest giants, saying, “I went to this mountain 45 years ago and told Moses, I was not afraid. Now, give this mountain to me for I’m still strong.”  He conquered the giants and Hebron was his.

We have giants in our land….political correctness, homosexual marriage, abortion, immorality, etc. However, the Lord is with us and mighty to save.

He said, “Arise! For this matter is your responsibility, but we will be with you, be courageous and ACT.” Acts 18:9-11, “Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you…” Remember War Room, writing down your specific request in sticky notes and posting them where you pray?  Together we can see the glory of the Lord in our families and our nation.

Have HOPE and SHINE!


When I think about Christopher Columbus, I think of the destiny of America.  I don’t believe the Lord is done with America.  I believe our best days might be ahead of us. It’s up to the Body of Christ.  Are going to Arise, Shine and let the Glory of the Lord be seen on us?

Isaiah says, “for behold darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples but the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.  Nations will come to your light and Kings to the brightness of your rising. Life up your eyes round about and see.  They all gather together, they come to you.”

Why does everyone want to come to America?  Just like Christopher Columbus, they see HOPE, they see FREEDOM.  Rise up oh Men and Women of God…. Battle and look at how the Lord released His Royal Battle Horse out of Kansas.  It’s ours to lose, It’s ours to save. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Body of Christ when we are engaged.

Adopt a Block – Adopt A Cop

Prayer Walking YOUR Neighborhood – Please share this with your facebook friends.

The disciples, after observing the Lords devotion to prayer said, “Teach us to pray.” It seems everywhere the Body of Christ is awakening to its purposes here on earth. Here in Kansas, we have a potential prayer team in every neighborhood. These team needs to be activated for His glory and our protection.

Therefore, we are joining with neighborhoods all over the nation to launch “Adopt a Block – Adopt a Cop.”

ACTION STEP: Here is what you can do to begin “Adopt A Block – Adopt A Cop” in your neighborhood, city and church. Contact your local Police Department and ask for the name of the Officer or Officers assigned to your neighborhood. Please inform him or her that you are praying specifically for them.  Then pray in your neighborhhood. Walk, bike or simply drive in your car and pray for salvation for your neighbors, get to know them, start building relationships. Then begin praying for protection for your neighborhood and peace of Christ in their homes.

ACTION STEP: Here is a helpful guide from the United Kingdom to get started:

The amplified version of James 5:16 says, “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].”

Releasing the power of God and His light into this world is our job.

Watch this video of Ed Silvoso interview on FOX NEWS: –