“After Tiller” movie coming to Wichita

“. . .when Tiller was fatally shot while ushering at his Wichita church. At least briefly, people of good will on both sides of abortion could agree on something — that the murder was a monstrous act.”  (Wichita Eagle)

Kansans wanted abortion to end but this is not the way we wanted it to end. For years Kansas was known as the abortion capital of the nation.  Many Christians had been praying for abortion to end. We were hoping  for a testimony that would say Tiller had changed and babies were safe again in Kansas.   As we all know now, that’s not the way it ended in 2009.

Unfortunately, there are some who want to make a martyr of him, so much so that they have a documentary about him called “After Tiller.”

The Tallgrass Film Festival will show a special screening of After Tiller on November 20th at 7:30pm at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, KS. Trust Women will be selling tickets to the film.

I’ve watched the trailer to this movie and it makes the participants out to be heros instead of ones who take the lives of the unborn.  One nurse says, “I can’t quit, who would take my place?”

Our prayer is that Personhood would be restored to the unborn, and thereby abortion would become once again unthinkable.

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