Awakening Freedom Tour Coming To Garden City, KS

The time is coming when we might be forced to choose between our faith

and our freedom!

 There’s a dedicated effort to remove God from our nation.
We see signs of this everyday
Some believe it’s political, we believe it’s spiritual.
 Have you been affected by the breakup of the family?
 Are we being intentional in training and discipling our children?
 Who’s job is it to take care of the poor?
 Answers to these questions and much more will be addressed at the

Awakening Freedom Tour, in Garden City on July 19th at the Garden City High School Auditorium from 1pm to 4pm.  2720 Buffalo Way Blvd.

 Featuring Governor Sam Brownback, Apologist and author Neil Mammen and I will be sharing why the family must be the spiritual center of our nation.
 You will leave equipped, educated and inspired to reclaim America for Christ.
 This is a free event but please register at