AFT Coming To Pittsburgh Saturday, August 2nd

Have you been asking yourself,…what’s happened to America?
Things just don’t make sense.
 The time is coming when we might be forced to choose between our faith and our freedom.
There’s a dedicated effort to remove God from our nation.

We see signs of this everyday and some believe it’s political, we believe it’s spiritual.

 Who is going to lead this nation back to our Founders Values?
 Who’s job is it to take care of the poor?
 How can we avoid leaving our children huge debt?
 Who has the most influence over your children?
Answers to these questions and much more will be addressed at the Awakening Freedom Tour, in Pittsburg  on August 2nd. held at the High School Auditorium 1978 W. 4th from 9 a.m. – Noon.
Featuring Governor Sam Brownback,  sharing about the history of Kansas, the Apologist and author Neil Mammen, author of Jesus Is and Was Involved in Politics, and I will be sharing why the family must be the spiritual center of our nation.
You will leave equipped, educated and inspired to reclaim America for Christ.

This is a free event but please register here: