Ignited for taking back this culture for Christ


Western Kansas is now ignited for taking back this culture for Christ after coming to the Awakening Freedom Tour. Many people attended including people from Garden City, Leoti, Scott City, Liberal, Lakin, Goodland, Kismet, Larned, Satanta, Minter, Brewster, Ulysses, Burdett, Deerfield, Holcomb, Mineola, Cimarron, Mcpherson, Meade, Hanston, Johnston, Hutchinson, Ingalls, Halstead, Dodge City, Fowler, and Turpin, and from the state of Oklahoma.
We were so happy to see all of you there.  Thank you to Bott Radio and KJIL for all their help in promotion.
Now that you attended and western Kansas is ignited for action, please recruit two of your fellow Christians that normally don’t vote in a primary and take them to the polls or get an advanced voters ballot for them.
 (Remember over 2/3 of Christians don’t bother to vote)
Primary’s are vitally important, and we want the most Godly candidate to win to represent you.  Choose wisely, call and interview the candidate, check them out carefully.

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