For months we’ve prayed for rain and when see clouds we ask the Lord to open the Heavens with rain in Kansas to break the drought. 

 I have friends in Hays that hadn’t seen a drop in so long and yesterday received 2.8 inches.  Western Kansas had buffalo that had to walk a mile and a half just to get a drink, and now have a pond that is 12 foot deep.

 Does this have something to do with God’s people turning to Him with a desire to repent?  I believe so because I know there is so much prayer happening.  God desires to tip the bowls of Heaven and we are seeing a huge smile on His face.

 When you think that all of Heaven rejoices when just one sinner gives their life to Christ. Can’t you just imagine how pleased He is with our commitment to pray on 7/7/7/ and 7/14/14.  

Christ gives us HOPE, but somehow today, I sense His HOPE in His people is rekindled.

Let’s not disappoint Him.  Make plans to join one of the many prayer efforts.

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  1. Mel & JuLee Adams

    Praise God for the moisture received in Western Ks, but we are in need of rain in Eastern Ks. esp. Topeka.