Do you remember when the lumber industry was destroyed in the state of Washington because of a federal law saying the white spotted owl was an endangered species.  What about the hundreds of humans that lost their livelihood? 
Well, in Kansas it appears that the Lesser Prairie Chickens might be more important than the farmers that grow our food to eat.  Governor Brownback is fighting back on this federal mandate.
His office said he would outline steps to preserve the bird’s habitat while protecting the rights of businesses and landowners.
A new state law taking effect last month declares that the federal government has no authority to regulate prairie chickens or their habitats.
Let’s see, a few less prairie chickens or wheat to feed the world… Can’t we all just get along.
We don’t want our resources compromised. Tell the federal government not to restrict farming, ranching, oil and natural gas production.
Let’s remember we are a Republic. Thanks Gov. Brownback for protecting our resources.
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