7 Project – Making a Difference in KC

In Kansas City, Kansas there is a large group of volunteers who are making an impact on the public schools and it’s students.

It’s called the 7 Project.  It is a group of Christ followers who united together to share Christ in their community.  They start by praying for the local schools, communities & churches by doing prayer walks.  They hold assemblies in the schools and teach on 6 topics. Then that same night they invite the kids back and tell them the hope they can find in Jesus Christ.

These kids see these men and women helping to meet the needs of their local community, school and church.  They have provided everything from baking cookies for the administration and staff to supplying a school with paper who didn’t have the funds to buy any more.

When we as the Body of Christ meet the needs of our kids spiritually and physically, the Lord is glorified.  This group prays together and doesn’t want to do anything until they get direction from the Lord.

They bring a message of hope to the families in Kansas City and their theme this year is “I have a dream.” They are working to promote Billy Graham’s “My Hope in the K.C. area.  Please pray for this group of believers and praise God with me that they said “yes” to God.

For more info on how to start the 7 Project in your community contact:                                          Janie Stockman,  faithbased.1outreach@gmail.com    913.579.7878