7-14-14 PRAYER

In state capitols all across this nation believers will gather on Monday 7.14.14 crying out to God for mercy.


He has told us to take the land.  Yet, just as the 12 Leaders that He sent into the promise land, many leaders have caved, and changed their identity.  Rather than becoming mighty warriors of the Most High God, some have become weak, frightened and given way to doubt and fear.


Yet, the promise land is full of promise for our future.  The grapes are large, the bounty plentiful, if we will just press in and take hold of what the Lord has to give us.


Please join us here in Kansas in Topeka on the north steps of the capitol at 7:14 a.m.  The sound of the shofar will go into the atmosphere to call God’s people to prayer.


At 8 a.m.  we will enter the capitol and go to the 3rd floor in the Old Supreme Court Room to pray for 7 hours.  Come & Go as you can.