It’s time to Spring into action.  We are facing another election year.  Have you thought about running for city council, school board, or how about representing Kansas as Senator or Representative?

I happen to know many of our current legislators, and they are working hard to fight for faith, family and freedom.

However, there might come a time when you would consider public service. 

Whether you run, or you help another righteous person attain office, you will learn a lot about laws, rights, the constitution and family values when you attend Awakening Freedom Tour this week in Wichita;  Saturday morning, March 29th ; Central Christian Church from 9 to noon.

Spring is a time for new birth, new beginnings, fresh starts. 

Our nation needs a fresh start.  How can you make a difference?

Gov. Sam Brownback will speak about what it means to leave a legacy.  Neil Mammen’s impact in Kansas touts our agenda to increase commerce to reduce poverty.

Kansas will be strong when we are FAMILY STRONG. This morning will instruct, bring you hope and motivate.

Register here for this FREE event: