Over 700 people attended the Awakening Freedom Tour two days ago in Lenexa, Kansas.  The outcome is yet to be seen.  We were not after an event but desire to create a permanent change in the way we approach the problems in our culture.  What was the take away?  Hundreds swarmed the book table to buy Neil Mammen’s book, 40 Days Towards A More Godly Nation, to begin a 6 week study to change our nation.

Every Culture Impact book we had from the Family Research Council sold immediately. A Culture Impact book is a matrix to develop a team in each church in order to impact the culture.

Neil Mammen apologist, engineer, lay preacher challenged us to understand rights vs. goods…. Our rights are given to us by our creator. Goods are something one works for. If someone does not have healthcare who should take care of them?  Us…we….the Body of Christ, and we will do a good job.