The Awakening Freedom Tour is coming to Kansas on February 8th in Lenexa.   Governor Brownback will be speaking during this Saturday morning event to share the Spiritual History of Kansas and the legacy we need to leave our children. 

Neil Mammen, author of Jesus is/Was Involved in Politics, was in Wichita this weekend and spoke to several crowds about how to end poverty, how the church can take back some of what the government iis doing and do it so much better with much less money. 

It’s not too late, even though many are trying to take away our Religious Liberties, we’re going on the offense to say, “Not on our watch.” That is why it’s called the Awakening Freedom Tour.

The Awakening Freedom Tour is going to 10 cities in Kansas. During the Awakening Freedom Tour in K.C. we are holding a Patriot Camp for kids 8-14 to learn about their Founding Fathers.  Go to and sign up on the stay informed to see how you can help.