Yesterday, thousands of believers marched in Washington D.C. and Kansas City schools led the way.  400 Students loaded 8 buses to stand for life.

Last night I was interviewed by a local news channel.  They asked me about Gov. Brownback saying the state has had to pay close to a million dollars in legal fees because Planned Parenthood’s suit against the legislature for taking away their funding and minimizing the number of abortions done in Kansas.  Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the world AND they make huge amounts of money plus get our tax dollars too.

If Roe V. Wade came before the Supreme Court today, it would never win.  Justice Stewart is quoted on the personhood Kansas website in 1973 as saying,

“If it were to be proven that the fetus was truly human you understand there would be no way we could do anything but protect them under the constitution.”

That’s right…unborn babies need to have their personhood restored to them. There are two persons involved and both need protecting.  The church should take care of the Mom too.

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