Last week was a sad news week for the Kansas Education System.  The sex education program for middle school was evidently not vetted by parents. National news was focused on Hocker Grove Middle School, in Shawnee Mission School District.

A brave and alert 13 year old girl decided to take a picture of a poster put up by her teacher.  The title of the poster, “How do people express their sexual feelings?” Then it listed sexual acts too offensive for adults to read, much less 13 yr olds.

Some have asked, “What do we do?”  Well I believe there is no quick answer.  As Christians we must get involved by running for school boards, locally and statewide.  We must be willing to lay down our lives for the sake of the Kingdom.  It might take years, but certainly, I would opt my kids out of any program that used these illustrations.

Please pray, fast, and ask the Lord for mercy.  Then get involved or support other Christians who decide to step up and take a stand.