Alcohol Sales In Kansas

I want to make sure you are aware of some threats to our families and moral values in Kansas that Culture Shield will be addressing in the upcoming legislative session. Our job is to inform you so that you can make a difference.

Last year we were very involved in stopping the grocery stores and convenience stores from selling hard liquor. Once again, there will be dozens of high paid lobbyist trying to persuade your senators and representatives that this only makes sense economically.  Please don’t fall for that line.  It doesn’t hurt anyone to walk next door to a liquor store and keep it out of reach in our local grocery & convenience stores.

Many in our state struggle with alcohol addictions.  We don’t need to make it visible everytime they walk into buy gas or a gallon of milk.  The outside grocery chains get enough of our money each week.

Locally owned liquor stores are highly monitored and usually know their customers, The high probability for corruption exists if we go from 600 liquor stores 2500 locations that sell alcohol.