40 Days To A More Godly Nation

Author and speaker Neil Mammen is coming back to Kansas! We will you keep you updated as we get the details of where he will be speaking.  He is the author of two great books, 40 Days To A More Godly Nation, and Jesus Is Involved In Politics.

40 Days Towards a More Godly Nation will articulate in detail how Christians have changed the World politically and for the betterment of all mankind; and in doing so, been the greatest founder of Missions in the History of the World. It will explain how we are to apply the Second Greatest Commandment in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Southeast Kansas Conservative group has already set up a group to go through this series to educate themselves.  Let’s follow in their example and set up a group of your own with your family, bible study or Sunday school.

We have elections coming up next year in Kansas and it’s not too soon or too late to pray about running for your local school board, city council or to be a Representative in the Kansas Legislature.

Please pray about it, …how can we take back this nation, if we don’t start first with our families, schools and churches?

Here is a link to find out more about the DVD series 40 Days to A More Godly Nation:  http://repairingthefoundations.net/40Days.aspx

If you live in the Pittsburg, KS area follow this link to find out more information about attending: