Please Tell Them To Wait!!!!

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God is not the author of confusion.  When we pray sometimes the Lord says YES, sometimes He says NO and sometimes He says WAIT!

HR5 is a 600 page bill supposedly being voted on Friday.  CSN has been on the phone with D.C. and our representatives and they insist this is a good bill, and yet TODAY they say over 100 amendments will be discussed.

Then they insist they will vote on this on FRIDAY.  Is this Representative government?  I think not.  We do not want our representatives to take on the Pelosi attitude…..pass the bill and then we’ll find out what’s in it?  If it passes it goes to the Presidents desk, he signs it and it’s law…sound familiar????

Bottom line.

The federal government has no right to be in a states business when it comes to education.  Oh yes, there are billions in federal aid with many strings attached. CSN says WAIT.

By the way, the HSLDA does not support HR5.

Please call your representative and tell them you want them to WAIT until after the amendments are made.  This should take no longer than 10 minutes!!

Representative Mike Pompeo – 202-225-6216
Representative Lynn Jenkins – 202 225-6601
Representative Kevin Yoder – 202-225-2865
Representative Tim Huelscamp – 202-225-2715

“I don’t know what happened to America, the Shining City on the Hill for freedom.”

1. Chinese-American Mom Says Common Core Is Just Like Education in Communist China
November 30, 2014 

See her testimony below: 3 minutes 19 sec

Lily Tang Williams, a mother of three, testified before the Colorado State Board of Education that Common Core was similar to the education she received growing up in Mao’s Communist China.

“Common Core, in my eyes, is the same as the Communist core I once saw in China,” Williams said. “I grew up under Mao’s regime and we had the Communist-dominated education — nationalized testing, nationalized curriculum, and nationalized indoctrination.”

In a post at FreedomWorks, Williams wrote about her experience with the Chinese education system:

Our teachers had to comply with all the curriculum and testing requirements, or lose their jobs forever. Parents had no choice at all when it came to what we learned in school. The government used the Household Registration and Personnel File system to keep track of its citizens from birth to death.

“I came to this country for freedom and I cannot believe this is happening all over again in this country,” she said in the meeting. “I don’t know what happened to  America, the Shining City on the Hill for freedom.”

She said Americans should not compare their children (or their kids’ test scores) to those being educated under the Chinese system.

“I am telling you, Chinese children are not trained to be independent thinkers,” said Williams. “They are trained to be massive skilled workers for corporations. And they have no idea what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 where government ordered soldiers to shoot its own 1,000 students.”

Picture: Lily Williams in her Maoist Red Guard uniform

Williams said that while she understands that testing is necessary to improve education, top-down standards controlled by the federal government are not the answer: “Federal government holds the stick. International corporations hold the money.” She complained that students are offered this system of carrots and sticks by outside groups. Instead, she said, parents are supposed to control their children’s education.

“Individual rights. Individual liberty. That’s what I came to this country for,” Williams said. “Do you just want our kids to be test machines? Workers — cheap workers for corporations?” she asked the school board.

America is great. Don’t compare yourselves to China. That’s why lots of Chinese are trying to come here — to try to be free. And they all tell you, “Do not go after the Chinese Communist education.”

Williams said the Chinese system produces great test takers and great machine workers who are brainwashed and lack critical thinking skills. “I was brainwashed so bad it took me ten years in this country to get out of it,” she said.

Read more:

My question is who is going to stop this! Are we going to continue to do what the Germans did and look on without opposing it? It appears so. 

Here are two others – teachers testimony (Teacher of the Year 2014 and another from NY):

Two short videos from dedicated teachers that you must see to understand from their perspective why Common Core must be stopped.

2. “Honored as the “Top Teacher”, Stacie Starr quits due to Common Core

Support the Local Control of Kansas Education Act (HB 2292)

“Honored as the “Top Teacher” by ABC’s “Live with Kelly and Michael” show, Stacie Starr was speaking at an education forum earlier this week when she dropped a bombshell.

The veteran teacher at Elyria High School in Elyria, Ohio, told a stunned audience Monday she will resign at the end of the school year because of the new federal Common Core system of standards and assessments adopted by her state, reported the local Chronicle-Telegram newspaper.

Stacie Starr

At the forum, which sought to help parents navigate the complex standardized testing system, Starr was talking about how special education has suffered under Common Core.

As she fought back tears, she disclosed she is leaving traditional education and plans ‘to teach in a different way.”

“I can’t do it anymore, not in this ‘drill ‘em and kill ‘em’ atmosphere,” she said. “I don’t think anyone understands that in this environment if your child cannot quickly grasp material, study like a robot and pass all of these tests, they will not survive.”

Don’t let this happen in Kansas!


3. New York teacher stands up for the children against Common Core abuse

A creative young mind and a great teacher are a terrible thing to waste.

Please watch the video below from a month ago in New York and ask yourselves just how long are we going to allow the child abuse of Common Core to continue to assault the children of Kansas?  Teachers like this one are being pressured by unions and administrators to keep their mouths shut and to just keep telling the lie so that they can keep the State and Federal funds flowing.  Thank God some are finally coming out to stop the abuse and to stand up for the children.  Will you stand up for the children of Kansas?  Will our legislators?

4. Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta (University English Professor)

Published on Apr 24, 2014 – Have you heard about Common Core? The chilling truth behind these new national educational “standards” will terrify you. Common Core represents the latest and most comprehensive step in the drive toward complete government control of our children’s education. Join us for a special presentation exposing the truth about Common Core and the ongoing struggle to roll back its implementation. Our speaker will provide examples of how Common Core threatens to further undermine, weaken, and centralize public and private education in our country.

Speaker Bio — Dr. Duke Pesta

Dr. Duke Pesta received his M.A. in Renaissance literature from John Carroll University and his Ph.D. in Shakespeare and Renaissance literature from Purdue University.

He has taught at major research institutions and small liberal arts colleges, and his been active in education reform, developing and implementing an elective Bible course that is currently available for public high school students in Texas. He is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and the Academic Director of FreedomProject Education. –

Thank You Governor Brownback


Thank You Governor Brownback!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some justices are creating laws from the bench.  How about our President issuing Executive orders with a pen and a phone? Last week in Kansas Governor Sam Brownback put the brakes on this slippery slope in Kansas.  He said “No” to special rights for homosexuals.  Governor Kathleen Sebelius with a pen and a phone granted the LGBT community special privileges without going through the legislature.  The state of Kansas was founded on Judeo Christian principals.  That’s why our history shows that we were a “FREE” state.  We believed and still do, that what the Bible says about God’s people means we are all created equal. . . no special treatment for homosexuals when it comes to employment.  Everyone needs to be hired for their qualifications and keep their jobs for their performance.

Governor Brownback deserves our gratitude for protecting Kansas. Please call 785-295-3232 and tell them to thank Gov. Brownback for following the rule of law. 

ACT NOW . . . To Help Stop Data Collecting in Our Public Schools


Data Collecting in SchoolsBeware

Invasion of Privacy!
Do you want your 6th grader answering these questions?


Parent ALERT !!!

Kansas Communities That Care Survey



 Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services is the Agency promoting this!


Please read the attached survey and ask yourself if you want your 6th grade child or grandchild to take it.  A lobbyist and Rep. Sue Boldra have introduced a bill, HB 2099, asking the Education Committee to weaken the data privacy law to allow this survey to continue, and to be able to give more surveys on very private and personal matters.

The committee hearing is scheduled Friday, February 13 at 1:30, Room 112 N.  Written testimonies need to be in pdf format and sent to, who is the House Education Committee Assistant.

Please request that legislation be passed to strengthen the data privacy law, SB 367, at K.S.A. 72-6215 – 72-6223, of last session and oppose HB 2099.  Please request that parents must opt in their children for any surveys and data collected, and that they be shown copies of the data to be collected.  
Currently data is being collected under common core and by KIDS, Kansas Individual Data on Students, in addition to non curricular surveys being administered by schools and numerous other agencies.  Much of this data is behavioral and judgments are being made about children.  Seaman School District is in the news for wanting to drug test students.  Where will the “sampling” on students end?  Parents have a right and responsibility to know about the files being collected on their children.

                              Click Here to See the Survey :

 Be sure to look at the last page where it refers to the parent child relationship.


Prayer & Action. . . Call your legislators


 Prayer & ACTION
Call your legislator and these committee members – you can call and leave a message in the evening or anytime, they count the calls!
Once again, the halls of our capitol are swarming with lobbyist trying to convince our legislators in their favor to increase the number of outlets for hard liquor from around 700 to over 2500. 

These highly paid front men and women, work for Kroger, Quick Trip, Dillons, etc.  They want to increase sales and profit for corporations that aren’t even housed in Kansas.

Family owned liquor stores are highly regulated and watched.  They know their customers.  This new proposal would allow 18 year olds to handle and sell hard liquor. 

Why would Kansas need to make hard liquor so available to underage citizens, and why for Heaven’s sake can’t adults walk next door to buy wine or hard liquor if they want?


It’s time for the citizens of Kansas to say STOP IT!  Just STOP IT!.  We care about our state and you can’t have our kids.  Call your legislator TODAY because this bill will be in committee Monday, February 9 & 10th.  

Chair:  Mark Hutton  –           785- 296-7488

V.chair: Les Mason  –                        296-7640

Ranking Minority
Stan Frownfelter                                296-7691
Richard Billinger                                296-7676
Steve Brunk                                         296-7645
J.R, Claeys                                           296-7670
Ken Corbet                                          296-7679
Travis Couture-Lovelady                   296-4683
Basil Dannebohm                               296-7682
Erin Davis                                           296-3971
Lane Hemslely                                    296-7460
Marvin Kleeb                                      296-7680
Frederick Patton                                296-7460
Louis Ruiz                                           296-7630
Gene Sullentrop                                 296-7681
Annie Tietze                                       296-7668
Brandon Whipple                              296-7366


It’s Official, Prayer Works


By a Joint Resolution of the 100th Congress on January 25,1988, a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER was declared to be the first Thursday of each May. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that the joint resolution entitled Joint Resolution to provide for setting aside an appropriate day as a National Day of Prayer, approved April 17, 1952 (Public Law 82-324;66 Stat. 64), is amended by striking a suitable day each year, other than a Sunday and inserting in lieu there of the first Thursday in May in each year.

It’s Official…what can your city do?

Here’s an example, in Leoti, Kansas they start the day at 7 a.m. at the town flag pole.   At the public school the children pray over the police, the fire department, the Mayor, and city officials. At the public square  they read the Word of God andpray.   The night before there is a Youth Rally for Prayer.  A dinner, a speaker, and the youth pray.  One year they had the Rachels Dad from Columbine. 

How about you? 

Let’s begin to think about how you would like to impact the world around you.  What is the Lord calling you to do?

Forgiveness & Purpose


The majority of people at The Response in Louisiana were under 50 years of age. Reinhardt Bonke said …”There’s a new generation rising”. The over 60 pastors called forth the young people and asked their forgiveness. They asked forgiveness for trying to put them in a religious mold. Then, the younger generation turned to the older generation and said, we have watched many of you and learned from you. Forgive us for not following. We speak a blessing over the older generation. Forgive us for how we shut down, and closed that valve of our heart and stopped the flow of the anointing in our churches and in our nation. We are choosing today to open that valve and we want the full release of that anointing to flow into our culture. Thank you for calling us into our identity and our purpose. Thank you for praying for us. We thank you for your integrity and thank you for the love you have had for us. Thank you for not rejecting us.

Kansas…let’s call forth that next generation to go further into the Kingdom, that we have.

The Response

Tomorrow, Governor Bobby Jindal is calling the nation to prayer.  The Response is being held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   Two of my best friends Barbara and Phillis, are there now and will bring back a report and an anointing to spread to Kansas. One of the organizers has a vision for 1,000 Pastors and Ministry Leaders to run for office in 2016. There will be a day long meeting to share the vision on Friday.

There will be many opportunities this year for prayer gatherings in Kansas.  We are just a little over 3 months away from the National Day of Prayer and at the end of that month a statewide Holy Convocation will be held in the center of our state. Don’t forget our weekly statewide prayer calls on Tuesday mornings at 6 a.m.  They only last 15 min, but they are power-packed.

Prayer is the first step to miracles.  The Lord says, that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our hearts. Kansas has a righteous leader who is calling for prayer and revival and I believe prayer will prepare us for the Harvest.

To join the Tuesday morning call,

Dial 559-726-1000

Code 205482#

To read more about Gov. Jindal prayer rally:

Unity for All of God’s People

Recently, I did a study of five of the major prophets in the Old Testament. I was challenged to study their origins and I discovered they were people like you and me. Ordinary people with an extraordinary call on their lives. The Lord taught them and I pray that we might be one with one another. In order to be one we must honor each other, submit to one another, prefer one another. That is what it takes to make a family unified and we are all part of the family with Our Father leading.

Please pray for unity.

Pray that as Martin Luther King said, we can also say, “I have a Dream….” What a motivator he was. He stepped up to lead and motivate God’s people and he became a national hero and a solid Christian. The only race in God’s terms is the Human Race. The enemy has sown tares among the wheat to cause division and it’s up to us, His people to bring love and unity as the Lord prayed before He left earth.

Transcript from King’s speech:

Prayer At The Kansas State Capitol


Prayer At The Kansas State Capitol

As the 2015 Kansas Legislative session begins Culture Shield would like to invite you to the State Capitol on a regular basis.  During the legislative session we will have continual prayer from 8am. – 5 pm. daily.  It’s a wonderful way to get acquainted with the process of making laws and pray for our leaders.  We want each decision being made to be covered with prayer.  Please go to the Capitol, Room 381 West and check in and you’ll find out who the leader is for the day.  Come for a morning or afternoon or even if you just have an hour.  You’ll be able to prayer in the Hearing Room, House and Senate Chambers rooms.  

All prayer is appreciated as we lift up our State, Nation and Israel to the King of Kings.  We pray for wisdom, unity ad integrity of purpose and against any schemes of the enemy.