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   MARY OF NAZARETH is an epic new motion picture on the remarkable life of Mary, Mother of Jesus, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus. This powerful film will provide deep inspiration for all who see it on the big screen.

 Our Carmelite Nuns of the Diocese of Wichita are sponsoring this stunning portrayal of the Virgin Mary, which comes through Ignatius Press, along with its marketing partner Carmel Communications. Our Carmelite Nuns want Our Mother, Mary, to be better known and loved!

 MORE INFO: Celia Chin, cell: (316) 641-4984 and email address:


“A profound story of faith, joy, love, suffering and hope. I encourage everyone to see this beautiful film.”

-Most Rev. Samuel Aquila, Archbishop of Denver

A TRAILER of the film may be seen at

This film is not suitable for young children. Although it is not rated, it would probably be rated PG. Parents should be aware of scenes such as the murder of the innocents as well as the crucifixion.

Please Join With Your Fellow Americans To Pray For Our State And Nation


So with one mind and one voice you may Glorify our God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Romans 15:6,

That is the theme verse for this year’s National Day of Prayer. Thursday, May 1st.

If you don’t have an event to attend in your area would you consider doing one of two things?   Either gather some friends and neighbors and go to your city building at noon to pray or consider coming to Topeka.  We will assemble on the 1st floor Rotunda at noon and join Gov. Brownback and our legislators as they gather for prayer on this historic day.  Governor Brownback has proclaimed that every citizen should celebrate and give thanks to God for the blessings he has given our state, and ask for guidance as we face the difficulties before us.

If you need to check for an event in your area go to or call Donna at 316-516-0777. On that website you will find resources to get a copy for a guide for prayer.

Our prayers go out to the families and friends of those killed yesterday at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park.  It was reported that the shooter yelled, “Heil Hitler” as he killed these two innocent people in what appears to be a hate crime on the eve of Passover.

Such senseless death, at the hands of sick people continues to happen in our fallen world.

We cry out for mercy, and for comfort for these families and all the people of Overland Park, especially the Jewish community.

As we repent for the way our nation is going, we ask you to pray for protection of our families at all times.  Please pray for the Jewish people who have been so persecuted throughout history.

 Let us remember as we pray that Jesus is Jewish, Mary was Jewish, all the apostles were Jewish and God’s chosen people are Jewish.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Was Jesus Friends With Politicians?

When Jesus walked on this earth He interacted with politicians almost everyday.  The lawmakers were the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin and they determined not only religious laws, but legislative, executive, judicial, civil and criminal laws. “Jesus was among other things was a lobbyist a personal staff of 12 aides” (Neil Mammen, Jesus Was Involved In Politics!)

Here’s the definition of the Sanhedrin and their role in Judea: the Sanhedrin meaning “sitting together’ hence assembly is the name given to the council of seventy-one Jewish sages who constituted the Supreme Court and legislative body of Ancient Israel.  The make-up of the council included a chief justice, a vice chief justice and 69 general members who all sat in the form of a semi-circle when in session. (Neil Mammen, Jesus Was Involved In Politics)

Did Jesus ever talk to them or did He stay far away from all that stuff because it was too “worldly”, as I believe many believers do today. (Neil Mammen, Jesus was Involved In Politics)

Did he talk to them, admonish, condemn and chastise them? Yes, he admonished the Sanhedrin because they were the senators and lawmakers, they were His politicians. (Neil Mammen, Jesus Was Involved In Politics)

Find out where Jesus is working and join Him there.

Run For Office?

Pray please for our legislature and Governor Brownback.  The education of our children is of utmost importance and finding good, devoted teachers is essential to out children’s future.  The most important thing is what they are being taught.  This year there are 5 positions up for election on the state school board. What more important position could their possibly be than to oversee the education of the next generation?

Now the school board is not the only office that needs good people to make decisions.  Have you ever considered running for office?  If you’re listening to Bott Radio Network, you are probably exactly the kind of person Kansas needs.  You care about the Lord, love to listen to Biblical teachers and keep up to date on the latest news. 

The Lord calls our civil servants “ministers.”  It’s a position of honor and we do honor and appreciate them.  Your local school board needs committed people to watch over the young ones. 

Please, pray for those in authority, and pray about running for office yourself.  If not you, then find a Godly candidate and work hard for them.  They will need your help and financial support.


Come Listen to Governor Brownback Talk About Kansas History

Governor Brownback is coming to speak to his fellow Kansans.

We need to hear from him and there’s so much that we don’t know about our history in Kansas. 

If fact, most of us were not even taught real truth about America. 

                                                         There is a dedicated effort to remove God from our nation.                                                         We’ve already kicked Him out of schools, taken down crosses and nativities across the nation.

Come this Saturday morning to Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas to the Awakening Freedom Tour.  It’s time to say yes, wake up, and let me say this gently…. wake up before it’s too late.

Our children are worth it. Their very lives could be at stake. For sure our freedom is at stake.

How many children do you have?  How many grandchildren?

Are you willing to stand by and watch their future destroyed knowing we could make a difference right now?

Come Saturday morning to Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas and learn how to help turn this ship around.

It’s not too late. 

Click here to register:

Spring is a time for new birth, new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s known as the season of HOPE. The earth is awakening, daffodils are blooming and children are outside.  Their voices inspire a desire to press in.

Our nation needs a fresh start.  How can we make a difference?

It’s not going to be easy.  We will have to make quite a few changes in our lifestyle and get out of our comfort zones. Are we ready for that? 

We believe the answer to our future lies in our children, but first it is up to us to get educated.  I’m personally inspired by Dr. Ben Carson and a man who will be in Wichita this weekend, Neil Mammen.  You might have heard him as this weekend will be his 10th speaking engagement in Kansas in the last 6 months. When questioned about being smart, he says, “I’m not smart, I’m just educated.”

You have an opportunity to hear him this Saturday morning in Wichita Kansas at Central Christian Church. 

Register here to attend the Awakening Freedom Tour this Saturday, March 29th in Wichita, KS:

Click here to read an excerpt from Neil’s book, 40 Days Toward A More Godly Nation:


It’s time to Spring into action.  We are facing another election year.  Have you thought about running for city council, school board, or how about representing Kansas as Senator or Representative?

I happen to know many of our current legislators, and they are working hard to fight for faith, family and freedom.

However, there might come a time when you would consider public service. 

Whether you run, or you help another righteous person attain office, you will learn a lot about laws, rights, the constitution and family values when you attend Awakening Freedom Tour this week in Wichita;  Saturday morning, March 29th ; Central Christian Church from 9 to noon.

Spring is a time for new birth, new beginnings, fresh starts. 

Our nation needs a fresh start.  How can you make a difference?

Gov. Sam Brownback will speak about what it means to leave a legacy.  Neil Mammen’s impact in Kansas touts our agenda to increase commerce to reduce poverty.

Kansas will be strong when we are FAMILY STRONG. This morning will instruct, bring you hope and motivate.

Register here for this FREE event:


In the book of Esther we remember that there was a plot to destroy the Jews.

God intervened with a plan to save them.

Today, we see many plots, not only to destroy the Jews, such as what is happening in Israel, but also the Lord’s people here in America. This plot includes a media bias that says they want free speech, but want to deny Christians those same rights.

God says,

 “These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province and in every city. “ Esther 9:28

He says that for a reason….we need to be alert. The Awakening Freedom Tour is doing just that.  Awakening us so that we won’t forget and lose our rightful heritage.

The next tour is in Wichita, on March 29th Saturday morning from 9 to noon at Central Christian church.

Gov. Brownback & Neil Mammen will be speaking.

You won’t want to miss this tour that is coming to a city near you. 

Come next Saturday, March 29th in Wichita, KS.  We know you will blessed. 

Register here:

Help Stop Common Core In Kansas

Our children are our most precious asset and they are the future.  Therefore we must stand up for them and their education.  We are hearing so many negatives against common core.  I encourage you to press in and pray for our children in our schools.  Kansas has had so many meetings to expose the agenda that is reaching far beyond our little ones sitting under a curriculum.

Please gather in your homes, churches, and schools to pray that the Lord will protect and provide for our public schools.  Their agenda is to force this horrible curriculum over a period of time to our children.

We all need to pray for our Christian Schools and homeschool families too. 

The message of the Awakening Freedom Tour is essential at this time.  We emphasize family involvement and give you resources that will equip parents to once again claim that the family is the spiritual center of our nation.  Our children are the arrows that must go further into the Kingdom than our own generation.

Register here for the Wichita Awakening Freedom Tour:

Kansans Against Common Core: